A Shame, Really

I live in this new (to me) home. It’s nice, at least in comparison to the house in the hood where I lived the past two years. It’s a cheaply made double wide mobile home, but was upgraded significantly during the remodel immediately prior to my move in. It’s relatively large, at a touch over 2,000 square feet, with four bedrooms plus a bonus room.

It sits on two acres out in the county. Every time I work in the yard, things improve noticeably. This past weekend, I mowed again. The front was still a challenge, with several piles of pine needles, and downed tree branches everywhere. I got all that moved to the burn pile, and reduced it to ashes. I still have to prune the lower branches on the trees so I can comfortably mow under them, but huge strides were made.

Out back was the biggest noticeable difference, though. Except for three areas that need to be filled, and two small stands of trees, I was able to mow the entire section at full speed, with little loss in cut quality. Two mowings ago, I was fighting with saplings and briars. There are several more feet of briars that need to be cleared between the grassy area and where the mature trees are. But once this is cleared, the last few young trees cut down, and the low spots filled, it’ll be something to be a little bit proud of.

I was thinking as I cooked a package of Velveeta Skillets that I’d forgotten that I had. That was only the second or third time that I’d used the nice, new stove. I cooked some eggs once or twice before. The refrigerator contains some ranch dressing (left over from my brief roommates), some yeast, and a bottle of hot sauce. The freezer section has some Banquet dinners and a couple chunks of meat, also from said roommates. New appliances, suitable to support a family. Almost unused.

The home was built on a budget, but for a family. It’s such a waste for one person. And it’s a shame that one person is all that will probably ever live here. Nobody else will ever see or appreciate it, much less derive any benefit from it. And that’s more than a little saddening.

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4 Responses to A Shame, Really

  1. Huge hugs. I would offer the “don’t give up” speech but I know how annoying that is and that it doesn’t help anything either way. And considering I myself have given up I am not exactly one to offer such encouragement. All I can say is even though it is not the same, I love you. xoxo

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