I had a reasonably good weekend. I got the TV hung on the wall. I also mounted the DVD player shelf to the wall below it.

After hooking it up and throwing away the box, I realized that the home theater system that I bought isn’t. There are no inputs, so basically it’s a DVD player with its own speakers. Which sucks, because the sound on the new TV is really shitty.

After hanging the curtain rods, I found one more way that they cut corners when they built the house. It has a vaulted ceiling throughout, and silly me thought that the outside walls were a standard eight feet. Wrong! They are six and a half feet. Which means that the 84″ curtains that I bought are way too long. Grrr…

I also mounted the fire extinguishers. And did laundry. And bought groceries. And even cooked a little.

Mostly, though, I got caught up on my sleep, and relaxed, enjoying movies on a sixty inch screen instead of a twenty-four inch screen.

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3 Responses to Productive

  1. It can also depend on where the speakers are in the TV.

    Our first LCD TV was a Toshiba, and the speakers were mounted on the back, and designed to bounce the sound out to the seating area. Which didn’t work so well with the built in entertainment center in the house.

    So we returned it, and got a Samsung that sounds much much better.

    The sound bar Brass recommended are definitely a good idea.

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