Not Completely Worthless

I often rant about how much the book of faces sucks, and how worthless it is. I may have to back up off of that a little.

There’s this new girl at work, on my machine, but on dayshift. Very pretty. Thick, just the way I like. Awesome work ethic, and picked up her job amazingly quickly. So, obviously, she caught my attention.

I asked the dayshift lead what she knew about her. She didn’t know much, but made it a point to find out for me, since I have no excuse to interrupt her while she’s working, and my shift is over long before her first break. Sweet girl (the lead). Damn shame she’s 26, and black. Anyway, back to the new girl.

She’s too young, and has a preschool age son. This pretty much killed any interest. OK, not really. She’s hot, I’m horny, and age is just a number, right? I came up with this plan. I was going to write a note asking her out, put it in a mother’s day card and give it to her Friday morning on my way out the door. Then, I was going to have some flowers delivered to her at work later that morning. I figured I’d get one date out of all that.

Tonight, I decided to see if she’s on the book of faces, and if so, how much of what’s there is publicly visible. Yes, and a lot. I won’t bore you with details, but I saw enough. No major, individual red flags, but there was quite a bit of stuff that concerned me. Kinda gave me flashbacks of B. It painted a picture that, combined with what I already knew, has convinced me to steer clear.

Which sucks. But it’s the right decision.

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4 Responses to Not Completely Worthless

  1. Wraith says:

    Learning much, you are! šŸ™‚

  2. Steve says:

    What you are describing is what would have been appropriate 50 years ago. Today’s women see that as a beta orbiter and you don’t get farther than the “Let’s Just Be Friends”.

    Reading the Manosphere has given me a new appreciation for women’s behavior, and how I was missing the mark. & have been very good resources, along with the (Women to avoid) which I referenced in a previous post.


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