Lamy and Pilot Pens

Here are more thoughts on the Pilot and the Lamy fountain pens since I’ve had more time with the Lamy EF nib. This will likely be my final post about these two pens.

The Lamy is my first love. I really want it to be the best. But it’s not. Even with the extra fine nib, it lays down a noticeably thicker line than the Pilot. Not heavy like it did with the fine nib, but certainly thicker. Both nibs will dry out and skip a little initially if left uncapped in an area with significant air flow. All of my fountain pens do this to some degree. But the Lamy is more prone to do so, and will do it in less time, despite its tendency to use more ink.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s an excellent pen. It’s a great writer. But it’s not my favorite. It does excel in one area. It’s more comfortable in my hand. But it doesn’t come with a converter, and it’s pricier to begin with. In fact, counting the initial purchase price, the converter, and the second nib, I’ve spent more on it than the rest of my pens combined, excluding the Parker.

Bottom line, I like both. Either would be more than sufficient. I don’t write enough to justify more than one, much less the seven different models that I now have, counting my recent Chinese acquisitions. But it’s a much cheaper addiction hobby than guns.

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