Senseless Purchases

Recently, I bought a few things for the house that defy logic.

My dining room set came with four chairs. It’s extremely unlikely that all four will ever be used simultaneously. But for some unknown reason, I bought two more to complete the set.

I furnished the living room with enough seating to accommodate six people. And I’m in the process of picking out a television to hang on the wall. I have zero friends who live close enough for me to host a movie night. Not that I ever get nights off from work anyway.

I bought the headboard to match the rest of my bedroom furniture. I haven’t had a headboard on my bed since I was living at home as a child. The only time I’ve ever noticed, much less regretted not having one was when B and I were intimate.

She’d push against the wall for leverage, and the bed was often near the middle of the room by the time we were done. Since I have serious doubt as to whether I’ll ever have carnal relations again before I die, much less with such an enthusiastic partner, the headboard was almost certainly a pointless acquisition.

At least the riding lawn mower was a good idea.

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