Free Weekend

I just found out that I’m not working either day this weekend. Seventy-eight hours last week, and fifty-two hours this week (assuming I get out of here on time in the morning) is plenty, thankyouverymuch.

Now I have to decide how to spend the time. My riding mower is supposed to be delivered this afternoon, so weather permitting, I could spend some time with it and my brush cutter clearing the fence line. Or I could work on digging the trench for the french drain that I so desperately need in the front yard. Or I could put together the headboard for my bed and the dresser for the spare bedroom. Or hang the second ceiling fan. Or finish organizing my reloading room. Or go through the last two weeks worth of mail and finish cleaning/organizing my office.

Or I could just sit around drinking and watching porn.

At least I have the time off that created this dilemma. And I’m guaranteed next weekend off, too, thanks to scheduled vacation on Monday 11 May.

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2 Responses to Free Weekend

  1. Larry says:

    dammit…wish I had read this a lot sooner…

    • alaskan454 says:

      It was last minute, as most of my days off are. I didn’t bother trying to let you know, since you have other things to keep you happy. And busy.

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