NECO Alliance Rebate

The LG refrigerator that I purchased for the new house supposedly qualified for a $100 rebate through NECO alliance. Whoever the fuck they are.

I don’t know who they are, but I can certainly tell you what they are. Idiots. Or crooks. Or both.

I submitted my paperwork as instructed. It took six weeks for them to log it into their system as received. A month later, they sent me an email saying that they needed a “paid in full” invoice. The one I sent showed shipped, including tracking information. It might not have said paid in full specifically, but no company is going to ship a $1,500 refrigerator unless you pay for the fucking thing first. In full.

So, I found a version of the receipt that specified paid in full, and mailed it, with a copy of the email, to the address given, per their instructions. Five weeks later (yesterday) I got the identical email again. I guess they didn’t get the first one that I sent.

I printed out this email and another copy of the PIF invoice, and dropped it off at the post office last night. It’s already nearly a month past the stated deadline for the additional information to be submitted, but since it takes them three days to draw a breath, maybe it’ll still go through.

I suspect that they are intentionally logging shit in slowly, finding problems with submissions, and “losing” additional documentation in an attempt to avoid paying out the rebates. I’ve been burned so many times on rebates that I never count on getting them. The deal I got was the best one going without factoring in the rebate. But it still pisses me off when companies (or their contractors) sink to these measures.

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26 Responses to NECO Alliance Rebate

  1. nancykrainz says:

    I am going through a similar experience with Verizon and a $70 rebate on a tablet.

  2. bbuddha says:

    thank you for reminding why I don’t bother, I have borderline high blood pressure i don’t need to send it higher:-)

    • alaskan454 says:

      You’re exactly right. Better to avoid. It annoys me, but I’ll jump through their hoops without worrying about it much. I picked the best deal not counting the rebate. If I get it, it’s a bonus. If not, I still got a good deal and know who not to do business with in the future.

  3. Kathy Hill says:

    I believe these rebates are a sham. I’ve been through this before for other purchased items and they NEVER come through with the promised rebate. Its too bad that they are still allowed to do business. I’ll put this out on facebook for everyone to see what a sham NECO is!

  4. Marilyn says:

    I did a search for unclaimed funds on a lark. Turns out I had $50 coming to me from Neco for a rebate they never sent me. The NY State Comptroller sent me the money after I filled out an easy online form. So happy ending here, but I have to admit I had totally forgotten about the rebate until I did this search. Neco probably counts on idiots like me.

  5. Miller says:

    Yeah i decided to buy under pressure from my builder to get the project going . I was promised 1700 dollors in rebates witch i jump at to get project up and running . Never saw any of that ,infact the only rebate i got was for a down draft which later was the wrong size

  6. EC Smoot says:

    I agree they make it hard to submit online. One inputs information and the site grinds to a stop and says error has occurred. Try again.

  7. PS says:

    Has anyone jumped through the NECO Rebates hoops and actually received the “reward card” after their online system showed the rebate claim was approved? Mine was approved two months ago and I’m in the “16 weeks after approval” waiting period (why the **** does it take them 4 months to issue a check/card?) but when I tried to call their main number, the automated message says everyone is in a “company wide meeting” and to leave a voice message, but then the phone automatically hangs up before you can leave a message. Shady AF oy!

    • alaskan454 says:

      I did eventually get mine, months down the road. Thanks for sharing, and best of luck.

    • Melita Guldin says:

      I did recieve the card after jumping hoops but did not know it came with an expiration date – the card was for $400 – I intended to use it for my next home improvement project but when I went to pay with it was told it had expired, I called one number and was told they would charge me $3 for each month it had expired (2 months) – but I had to call another number – I called the new number and was told by a very unpleasant person that my card was expired and I could not have any of the money – I asked her what they were going to do with money they owed me and she said they owed me nothing. I have contacted their customer service and will see where it goes from there. If I don’t get a response I will be going to the BBB. I can understand a late fee, many gift cards have it and I should have looked but loosing over $300 total is completely a rip off especially given how hard I had to work to get it in the first place.

    • PS says:

      Following up on my original post, I eventually got my rebate card loaded with the right amount. And based on OP’s entry and all the other web hits about NECO rebates, I made sure to use all of it within the first month or so (grocery shopping!). Thanks OP!

  8. Donna Moore says:

    I am having problems with NECO rebates I believe they are frauds. I sent all my paperwork as requested on rebate form and they sent email stating my invoice doesn’t say PAID! I will call Bosch and complain and check to see if there is a Class Action suit against them.!

  9. Lynwood says:

    I ordered Washer Dryer from AJ Madison and it listed a 200 rebate through “Neco”, at the time washer not available so it shipped out Jan 5th. Neco rebate form asks for date purchased so I put down Jan 5th the date my credit card was charged and the product shipped. Note their web sight this submission process took most of the day due to it kept timing out, but did finally get it submitted. Hear nothing for 5 months, go online and my rebate is denied due to my “Invoice Date” showing December when originally ordered. Well they did not ask for invoice date they asked for purchase date. Was told if I could get updated invoice and my rebate would be “reviewed”, did this and got email with in an hour stating still denied due to submission being outside of rebate offering period. Now I just want everyone to know how shady this group is. Get your best deal upfront and if the rebate comes great but don’t count on it if NECO is involved.

  10. JJ says:

    Ugh! I’m going through the same experience! I keep being told that I didn’t submit the correct information or that the rebate program I was filing for had already expired. If I don’t get my money, I plan to go to the NJ Consumer Fraud division and filing a complaint. I think it’s outrageous that the appliance stores are willing accomplices in this fraud. Thank you so much for sharing your info! It’s really helpful to hear from others.

  11. Jaan Q says:

    I’m going through the same thing now with my elderly father. He “got” a $100 rebate on his Frigidaire refrigerator and they pretty much took all of the money in “maintenance fees”. By the way this blog post comes up on the first page when you Google NECO Alliance! Let’s get the message out there and let’s start writing the companies that issue these rebates and let them know how pissed off we are.

  12. zeldaah says:

    What NECO is doing by delaying forever is entirely purposeful. This is surely illegal. I sent them my payment proof and they just keep sending me more emails saying I need to send them proof of payment. Has anyone found a phone number to call and talk to a person? They must have a phone there somewhere.

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