Boss Is Still An Idiot

But since he (via FaucetCompany, not him personally) gave me a $100 gift certificate voucher that I promptly redeemed for an amazon dot com credit, I’m more willing to tolerate him for a few days.

I just wish he hadn’t picked Miss Thick Little Hottie Who Is Way Too Young And Also A Smoker to operate the camera to document the award. Damn, I want her something fierce.

In other news, yet another coworker is moving on to greener pastures. This time, it’s my dayshift counterpart. Which leaves me, two very senior guys who are usually tasked elsewhere, and FMLA chick (so named because she shows up one or two days per week, and uses intermittent FMLA for the rest) as the only qualified operators for my machine.

Boss hasn’t said so yet, but this will probably mean 20 12s in a row, one day off, lather, rinse, repeat, for the foreseeable future. Whatever. I wouldn’t mind paying off the new house in a couple or three years instead of thirty. It’s not like I have a life outside of work anyway.

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