Profiting From Others’ Incompetence

There was a scheduled maintenance event on another machine at work from this past Wednesday through the weekend. Aside from bumping me from ten hours per day to twelve hours per day, it didn’t really affect me until Saturday night, though.  My machine was running normal production, and that is where my presence was required.

On Friday, the powers that be canceled production for Sunday (Saturday night) on my machine. However, I was not officially notified of this prior to the beginning of the shift in question. The posted schedule that had me working twelve hours shifts all week and weekend was never updated.

Because of the ongoing maintenance event, and the fact that MuzzieBoy was off for the weekend getting his ball and chain attached (exempting him from the usual “no time off during maintenance events” rule), and because I need the money, I never bothered to officially inquire as to whether or not my presence was still required.

Instead, I came in at 1900 as per the schedule. Upon my arrival, I allowed the Lead to inform me that my machine was not running. He then gave me of the very short list of remaining items for the maintenance event. I spent the next hour or so in a rubber apron, gloves, and a full face respirator, remaking chemical baths. This completed the tasks for the scheduled event. All that remained was some final chemical adds that were as yet undefined, pending laboratory analysis. I removed my protective gear and carried my fat ass back to my idle machine, where I sat for the rest of the shift.

My pre-tax wages for the night topped $500. I may have been productive for ninety minutes. If the boss can’t be bothered to keep up with schedules and event progress, and manage his personnel accordingly, I will act in my own best interests.  Within the rules, of course. Thank you FaucetCompany for paying me double time to surf the web.

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2 Responses to Profiting From Others’ Incompetence

  1. Wraith says:

    Ah, ‘malicious compliance.’ How wonderful it can be…

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