…doesn’t seem to have the card that I need. I’m looking for one that conveys the following sentiment:

I’m very sorry to hear that you survived your stroke, you contentious old hag. Would you please fucking die already!

Rumor has it, B’s new mother-in-law had a stroke last week. Unfortunately, she survived, and is “fine”. I haven’t had any contact with B in three weeks, and I honestly think that I am finally over her. Mostly. As long as she keeps her distance, anyway.

So, I wouldn’t normally give a shit about what happens to any of that family. But the dried up old crone is a long time FaucetCompany employee, and she tried to get me fired back when B and I were together. Unsuccessfully, thank God.

I have few marketable skills, now that the semiconductor industry has mostly moved overseas. And I suck at job interviews. So I really don’t appreciate it when someone tries to fuck with my livelihood.

And I hold a fucking grudge forever.

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