Fountain Pens, Revisited

After using nothing but my Pilot 78G for the last year or so, I decided to dig out the Lamy Safari, clean it up, and ink it.  I already knew that I liked the Pilot better.  I mean, why else would I have been using it exclusively while the Lamy sat in a drawer all dusty and neglected?

I never really did try to fix it properly after dropping it point first onto the cement floor at work (my excuse for buying the Pilot in the first place), so after cleaning it up, I used a magnifying glass and a small pair of needle nose pliers to straiten and realign the nib the best I could.  Then I used some fine grit sandpaper to try to smooth it out.  My biggest complaint about the Lamy compared to the pilot was the scratchiness of the Lamy nib.  Well, it didn’t help much. Maybe the Dremel and some polishing compound would work better.

My second biggest complaint about the Lamy is how much ink it lays down, especially for a fine nib. I’ve seen narrower lines made with a medium point ballpoint pen than I can make with the Lamy. This leads to smearing, and forces me to write larger than I prefer in order to be legible.

It is slightly more comfortable in my hand than the Pilot, probably due to the additional heft. And I really like being able to see how much ink is remaining without unscrewing the barrel. So, I think that the Lamy will reenter service as my work pen. I have an extra fine nib on order for it. Hopefully, that will decrease the ink usage and tendency to smear.

Eventually, I’ll get a really nice pen.

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2 Responses to Fountain Pens, Revisited

  1. There are some nice ones out there for reasonable prices, whether you want a cartridge filled pen or a pen that uses bottled ink. Shoot me an email, and I can point you toward some pen review videos on YouTube.

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