When I got to work Thursday night (my Friday), I had no idea whether or not I would be working the weekend. My lovely boss, who constantly rants about how important communication is, hadn’t gotten around to sharing the weekend schedule with us slaves.  I asked the team lead for the temps who load and unload the parts for my machine, and he said that we weren’t scheduled to run either day.  Yay!

Not so fast!  BossMan called me into his office at 0330 and finally officially told me that my machine wasn’t scheduled to run.  And could I please come in Saturday on dayshift to cover so that operator could get a day off to reset his twenty-one day clock.

Yeah, sure.  I’d love to work a completely different schedule that will ruin both my weekend days and fuck up my sleep schedule.  Not really.

I agreed to work (like I had a choice) but whined, bitched and begged him to find another option. H said he’d try.  At approximately 0900, without further conversation with me, he posted a weekend schedule that didn’t have me on it. That worked.

Early Friday afternoon, just after I’d went to bed, my lawyer called.  They had the divorce paperwork ready for my signature, and could I please come in, pay, and sign.  Sure, no problem.  Let me find my pants.  A couple hours after I got home, they called back.  They told me that if I could get Wifey to come in to the office on Monday morning, accept service from them, and sign paperwork waiving her right to answer the complaint, they could get me on the court schedule for this coming Wednesday. I told them that I’d have her there at 0900.  If things go smoothly, and I foresee no reason why they won’t, I will be officially divorced in a little over seventy-two hours.

After all that was done, Wifey, her sister, and I discussed plans regarding Wifey and TheBoy. Their flight leaves next Monday morning, and we had to hash out who would be taking them to the airport, and if they wanted to spend some time together before the flight.  It was decided that, after we finish up with the lawyer Monday morning, I will deliver them to her sister’s house where they will stay until they fly out.  I may or may not meet them at the airport for a final goodbye.  Probably not.

So, my big, new-to-me house will be very empty in less than twenty-four hours.  And I’ll have to start cooking for myself buying frozen dinners again, and doing my own housework hiring a maid.  They’ve helped out a lot while here, and even absent getting laid, I’ll miss the company and the help.

I finally got some sleep Friday evening/night, and had a productive day on Saturday.  After fucking around on the internet for a while, I decided to assemble some of my new furniture, starting with the end tables, and then moving on to the nightstands and the rest of the bedroom furniture.  Yes, it’s cheap Sauder shit that I bought from the mart of walls, but it’s functional, doesn’t look terrible, and was cheap.  With no kids to tear it up, it should last a while.  As I was finishing up the second nightstand, TheBoy finally dragged his ass out of bed.  I offered to treat them to one final trip to the local Chinese buffet before they went back home.  There was some grumbling about me spending money on them, which I quickly squelched, and we had a nice meal.  Well, as nice as it gets at a Chinese buffet.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent on the chest and dresser/mirror.  There were a lot of parts, and it was quite time consuming to put together, even with three people working on them.  Especially when to of the three people don’t understand English, and therefore don’t know what important notes like “finished side” and “rounded edge” mean.  But all in all, it went well.  By bedtime, all the pieces were done, wiped down, and in place.  And along the way, I even found time to replace the ceiling fan that shook worse than a car running ninety miles an hour with red clay stuck in all four wheels. Mostly because I needed the light, which also didn’t work on the old fan.

I still have one more ceiling fan to install, and am waiting for the sofa, the second box for the spare bedroom dresser, and the headboard to arrive.  All that, and a TV that I haven’t picked out yet will pretty much finish furnishing the place.  Pics soon-ish.

Well, I’m off to bed in preparation for back to work in a few hours.  Y’all have a good week.

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2 Responses to Weekend

  1. We replaced the living room ceiling fan at our place last Thursday. That involved me standing on a two-step folding step ladder, three feet above the floor, holding up the ceiling fan so Odysseus could get the wiring done (took a few tries, and still isn’t perfect, thanks to the numbnuts that put up the old fan), eyes squinched closed occasionally, and chanting, “I’m standing on the floor” to myself.

    I have an absolutely horrible fear of heights. And sometime after we’re done with semester but before the kids are done with school, we’ll need to do it again to fix the messed up wiring.

    • alaskan454 says:

      That sucks. I’m truly sorry. Me and heights don’t get along very well, but a three step ladder to put up a fan doesn’t bother me. Just don’t ask me to go up on the roof for anything. Hope you had a good weekend.

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