Please Stop

I’m 90% sure I saw her drive by the house this morning. Part of me wanted her to stop. Another part of me wanted to chase after her. Who knows? It might not have even been her. There are lots of gray 5th generation Maximas around.

She left some lip balm in my car when she brought it back. I use it often, knowing that it’s as close as I’ll ever get to kissing her again.

Fireball betrayed me. It made me cough so much today that I couldn’t get but three shots down. Not enough for any effect.

Could someone please stop the planet? I’d like to get off.

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2 Responses to Please Stop

  1. Huge hugs. I want to get off the planet too but haven’t found the stop button yet. When I do I will be sure to give you a heads up. xoxo

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