Burnin’ Down The House

I finished installing the EZ Armor entry door strengthening kit on the front door today. And almost burned the house down in the process. One of the features of the kit is the use of long screws to ensure that the steel components are securely anchored to the wood framing and not just the door frame.

Some genius had stapled two electrical wires to the opposite side of the wood framing at exactly the same place that the EZ Armor screws had to go. Consequently, one of the screws went through the armor plate, through the door frame, through what passes for framing, and into the wire, shorting it out.

I know, putting door armor on a double-wide is like putting the Club on a Yugo. The construction is so cheap that I may very well end up with the first ever documented failure of a door with EZ Armor installed.

Anyway, back to the wire. Black smoke started to come out around the light switches adjacent to the door. I went to the electrical panel and no breakers had tripped. I flipped the main breaker until I could identify and isolate the circuit.

The screw had completely penetrated one wire and poked through the insulation on another. The second wire had little enough damage that with a little electrical tape, it’s fine. The other wire was missing about an inch of one of the leads. It had simply melted away.

There was enough slack to cut out the damaged section and wire nut it back together. Wrap some electrical tape over the nuts for insurance, and it’s good to go. I know it doesn’t meet code, and I don’t give a shit. It’s safe for the application.

It really concerns me that the breaker didn’t trip. Fucking cheap ass trailer. And fucking cheap ass GE panel.

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