Progress on the house continues. Over the weekend, I moved my bed from the old house, allowing me to sleep in my own bed yesterday. The mattress that I had been sleeping on is on a proper frame in the spare bedroom.

The kitchen is mostly clean and organized. Most of the clothes are either on hangers or folded and stacked on closet shelves, since I still don’t have any bedroom furniture except for the bed.

The stuff in the office is pretty much in place, but still in boxes. I have to slide the safe down the hall and into position, and I need to buy a file cabinet. After that, it’s just a matter of unpacking.

I haven’t started on the reloading/prep room. I really need to repaint first. Green and pink just isn’t a proper color scheme. I’m thinking Dillon blue.

The outside, including the driveway and the french drain in the front await my attention as well. At least there’s no exposed framing or insulation.

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