Bits and Pieces

It’s a sad state of affairs when a nine hour shift is cause to celebrate. Dayshift production on my machine was canceled yesterday. This meant that I was allowed to leave after the third shift run was complete. When I punched the clock at 0830 instead of my usual 1130, I felt like I had won the lottery.

It was only the second day in over a month that my shift was less than twelve hours. And 26 February was the only day that I have had off during the past thirty days. Yes, I’m feeling a bit of burnout, and not the fun kind caused by melting rubber on asphalt.

I made the most of my extra time. First, I ate breakfast. Real breakfast food. The kind that they stop serving before I usually get off work. Then I got a haircut. She did a shitty job, but that’s what I get for going to the hair salon inside of wally world instead of driving downtown to my normal barber. At least now it’s off my ears and collar.

When I got home, I hung the blinds in the five rooms that required them. I also did some cleaning and reorganization of my office.

I’m waiting for my self install kit from the phone company to arrive so I will have unlimited Internet again. It was supposed to happen on Tuesday, but there’s been some confusion. According to them, someone else already has active service at my address. I’m not sure who or how, since I’ve either owned it or had it under contract since October 2014. It was a Fannie Mae foreclosure that had been vacant for at least a year before then.

I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I have a line on an alternate provider (thanks TCA) and if these guys don’t pull their heads out of their asses by this time next week, I’m going elsewhere.

I am off this weekend, and I have help lined up to move my bed, my reloading stuff, and the rest of the odds and ends from the old house. Then, the fun will really begin: Opening boxes and finding a home for everything. At least I have plenty of room to put stuff.

In other news, social media sucks donkey balls. Yes, I know. That’s not exactly news.

I’d gotten to where I was only checking the book of faces a few times a month. Then B came along. She lived on social media, so my involvement increased.

My usage tapered off drastically after her exit, but that wasn’t enough. Yesterday, I got some push back on something I posted, and some things that were still there from my time with B. The person meant to be helpful, but it was all I could do to refrain from telling her to go fuck herself.

I’m already stretched thin physically and emotionally, and I am not in the mood for any shit from anyone, even if it is meant as constructive criticism. My solution? Avoidance. I simply won’t post shit there.

On the entertainment front, I’ve been reading a fair amount of “erotic fiction” recently. Shut up. It’s a diversion. And it’s not like there’s much hope of me actually getting any in real life. Unless I solicit the services of an independent provider of carnal gratification. So I live vicariously through the fantasies of some really twisted people.

Most of the stuff on the free sites is utter crap. Unrealistic, written on a fifth grade level, and massive overuse of words like turgid for starters. But there are a few gems if one has the patience to search for them. Well, “gem” is a stretch, but “sucks significantly less” would probably be accurate enough.

They’re all fairy tales, where the guys are filthy rich, and the women actually want sex for the inherent pleasure, intimacy, and physical connection. Those lies are easy to believe. We all want to forget that financial challenges exist. Unfortunately, most of us have them. And every heterosexual male on the planet wants a girl like that. But we all know that the vast majority use sex for control or personal gain. The rest are irreversibly frigid. Except for the occasional rumor of a unicorn sighting. (No, I’m not bitter or anything. Why do you ask?)

How difficult is it to not run out of a chemical that 1] Is used daily, 2] The same amount (+/-5%) is used every day, 3] There are no lead time or availability issues, and 4] There is no problem with storage space or short expiration dates? Presumably, pretty damn easy. Today is the second time in as many months that we’ve lost a shift of production due to lack of this chemical. We always seem to be right on the edge of running out. I’ve emailed the engineer on multiple occasions, warning him that we have less than twenty-four hours worth left on site. Fucking idiots, I swear! It’s amazing that they manage to stay in business.

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2 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. bbuddha says:

    I definitely would be very unhappy if I had to do without internet. I would be looking for their competition.

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