Adventures in Internetting

The local cable company stopped by on Wednesday to install my portal to the intertubes. And failed massively. The nearest tap is significantly farther away than their guidelines allow for a new connection. So, I lost my 30 meg speed for $39.99 promotional deal.

My only remaining option, besides satellite internet, which isn’t really an option thanks to bandwidth limits, is DSL. They offer 6 meg service for the same $54.99 that is the cable company’s regular price (total, including all taxes, regulatory fees, etc.) for their stand alone 30 meg service. And since DSL is provided by a telecom, there’s another fifteen dollars worth of taxes and surcharges added to that amount.

Although, with net neutrality the law of the land now, cable customers can probably look forward to similar raping soon. I mean, when was the last time the government started regulating anything and more/higher taxes didn’t immediately follow?

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2 Responses to Adventures in Internetting

  1. If you change your mind on Satellite Internet, e-mail me your contact info at the address on my blog. I sell for a provider, and I’d be happy to get you set up.

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