Strange Sensation

I haven’t slept normally for several weeks. Within days, I got put back on twelve hour shifts after only a few weeks of seven nines, B left, and the new house was completed.

With all of that happening at the same time, I’ve had precious little time available for sleep. Much of what time I had was lost due to one house related obligation or another. And up until about a week ago, no matter how exhausted I was when my head hit the pillow, my mind kept sleep at bay for far too long.

About ninety minutes ago, I hit a particularly hard wall. To combat it, I paced from one end of the catwalk to the other, fighting to keep my eyes open. I just paused at one end, and leaned against the monitor station housing. For a split second.

The next thing I knew, my knees had buckled and I was headed for the floor. Yes, I fell asleep standing up. Never did that before. Hope to never do it again. It’s not a particularly pleasant feeling.

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8 Responses to Strange Sensation

  1. You need a vacation. A real one, not a “have a million things to do so-called vacation from work” deal but an honest to goodness sleep and relax and enjoy just being alive with no obligations vacation. 💕

  2. bbuddha says:

    next time you can’t sleep, get in your most comfortable position and start consciously relaxing your body from bottom to top. concentrate on your feet on relaxing them completely, then move your way really works and no drug side effects

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