Facial Piercings


There are a couple new female temps at work that are nice to look at. Until you see their faces. Sure, they’re pretty. But they have metal stuck through their skin in various places.

I can imagine kissing these ladies. Skin is soft, warm, and inviting. I’m nibbling and sucking along, and everyone is having a good time. And the all of the sudden, I’m getting scratched by a cold chunk of metal stuck through a hole that shouldn’t be there. Whether it’s in the nose, the area between the lower lip and the chin, or wherever. I find it both generally unattractive and a huge turnoff. But what the fuck do I know about what’s attractive?

It’s kinda like wearing shoes to bed. Your 7″ stilettos might be sexy as hell (newsflash: they aren’t), but don’t bring them to bed. Cuddling and sexy time are about feeling good. Soft, squishy, and warm, all feel good. (Yes, I like thick women. Lots of soft and squishy.) Cold and sharp don’t.

I saw a video clip once. Didn’t realize that it was S&M until it was too late. Bitch was stepping on his stiffy with the heel of her shoe. Then she started grinding in one spot. Sudden arterial blood spray and dude’s screams ruined stilettos for me for the rest of my life. ~shudder~

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4 Responses to Facial Piercings

  1. I think the piercings is a generational thing, mostly. But I totally agree with you. I cringe every time T talks about the various piercings she wants. She already has two. Sigh. But I am not her mother so I do not have the power to tell her no.

    As for the shoes, you know how I feel about my shoes. Though ever since you told me about the reason behind your stiletto issues (thanks for the reminder. Not.) I admit I shy away from those myself. There is no reason in the world to treat a man’s equipment that way. To paraphrase Friends, God only meant for that area to be treated nicely.

  2. Wraith says:

    Can’t argue with a thing you’ve said…and ‘nether’ piercings are even worse. If you’re not careful, you’ll chip your teeth.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Agreed. I don’t even like navel piercing, although that’s become nearly as common as the ears any more. Nipple or “nether” adornment is definitely out of the question.

  3. lpcard says:

    Seen a pic on the book of faces the other day of a dude that had fishooks all in his face. Last time I saw that many hooks in a hunk of meat they had a trot-line attached to them.

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