House Update

At 2115 on Thursday night, well beyond the promised 1600-2000 window, they finally showed up with my stove. Yesterday, I unboxed it, attached the cord, and shoved it in the hole. It works just fine, but is filthy from warehouse dust. That finishes up the bulk of the kitchen and laundry room area. Everything, including the cabinets, needs a thorough cleaning, of course. I need to buy and hang blinds on the window over the sink, and the kitchen island needs some cosmetic work, but mostly, it’s done.

The blackout curtains are up in my bedroom, but I’m still sleeping on a cheap full size mattress placed securely on the floor. If it’d ever stop raining, and I could get a day off, I’d move my bed and the rest of the essential stuff from the old house. 

The desk sits partially assembled in my office. The living room is full of empty shipping boxes. The gun safe is in the middle of the dining room floor, waiting for me to finish the desk and shove it back there. Boxes are stacked everywhere.

Outside, it’s a swamp. It won’t stop precipitating, and the land won’t drain for shit. I’ll be adding to this problem later today when I hose the mold off the siding in an effort to keep my homeowners insurance.

I’ve priced gravel for the driveway and parking area, but it’s so soft right now, a loaded dump truck would sink to the axles.

I really need the brush cutter that those assholes stole from my building last year. And the pole saw. There’s so much that needs to be done. All while earning a paycheck, and dealing with the everyday stuff. It’d be really nice to have some help.

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2 Responses to House Update

  1. lpcard says:

    Say the word. Have AWD, will travel.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thank you, sir, but no. You have a new and very special lady in your life. No way I’m going to let you help me when you could be with her, not as long as I have any other options available to me.

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