I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment. When I got home today, Dude was at the house to replace the washing machine supply valves. He finished quickly enough, and I got about three hours of sleep. Until pressure washing dude called and woke me up. Just to tell me that he won’t be operational for several more weeks due to the weather and therefore couldn’t help me.

By this time, it was almost at the beginning of the delivery window for the range. I tried to sleep more, but my body refused to let me. So, I bounced around the interwebz for a while. It’s now approximately thirty minutes prior to the end of the delivery window, and I haven’t seen or heard anything from them.

But I did see something else interesting. Shocking, actually. And a little bit painful.

If the book of faces can be believed, B married her babydaddy today. She changed her name, and he updated his relationship status to “married to B”.

I truly didn’t want her back, but I’m shocked and hurt that I failed so miserably.  Not only did she run straight back into his arms, but she married the sonofabitch. Something she wouldn’t do before I came along, despite being with him for eight years. After being with me for just under six months, she did it. Nineteen days after breaking up with me.

Damn! Just damn!

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9 Responses to Damn!

  1. All women are crazy, I will freely admit that. But it sounds like somebody beat her extra hard with the crazy stick. It is all too easy to put up false names and relationship statuses on there so it is not necessarily true but regardless certifiably crazy may apply here. Hugs.

  2. Wraith says:

    Stop obsessing, bro. B does not exist any more. Nothing she does matters.

    Focus on yourself, and the reasons you continually get shit on by women. Once you’re well on the way to figuring those out, you’ll start finding the kind of woman that’s good for you.


  3. Next drink is on me, bro.

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