Forgive and Forget

When someone wrongs you, forgetting is seldom a good thing, since the lessons learned may spare you from future pain. But, it is often best to put aside the resentment and anger, particularly if the offender is someone you trust(ed).

I struggle with forgiveness. I still hold grudges for things that happened over thirty years ago. I know that one forgives for oneself, not for the person who did wrong, inner peace, yadda yadda… Fuck that! There’s a long list of motherfuckers who would die tomorrow if suddenly there were no law against or consequences for taking the life of another alleged human being.

This problem has probably contributed significantly to my current station in life. Had I been able to forgive Wifey for her “cut and run” back in January 2012, I would have been much less likely to have pursued either of the two failed relationships that I have suffered through since then. And I wouldn’t have found out how good and how loved I could feel, or how much pain there would be when those feelings are lost forever.

I’m not saying that Wifey and I would have worked things out. Probably not, in fact. But I know that I would have stayed faithful while making the attempt, rather than deeming the relationship irreparably broken and looking elsewhere. Oh, well. Maybe that was part of some master plan, too.

So what’s my point? I don’t rightly know.

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