The New House

It’s still not ready. But it’s getting close. Close enough that I’m having the appliances delivered later today, and will be moving the bulk of my belongings in over the weekend.

Now that I’ll have the entire house to myself, I can have one room as my office, and one room as my reloading and gun room. The only question is which. Maybe the open “bonus” room that was going to be the kids’ playroom can be for reloading. Or maybe one of the extra bedrooms. Or maybe I will dedicate one of those to my preps, and set the other one up as a guest room. Even though the chances of me having guests is slim. Decisions, decisions.

I’m going to need a location for a brooder soon, too. As soon as I get caught up financially, I will be building a chicken house and buying some chicks and Muscovy ducklings. I may or may not get into rabbits again. I never did find any recipes that I really liked. Who knows? I chose them initially because they were my only choice inside both town limits and the homeowners association. Here, I have two acres and neither problem.

I also need to decide where the garden will go. There probably won’t be much grown this year, but I should be able to get the soil prepared, the area fenced off, and the irrigation in place.

Then (or maybe first) I have to select the location for my backyard firing range, and construct suitable berms. I have enough depth for a hundred yards, but I think 25 will be plenty. I’m going to keep my range membership until Shooting Buddy gets in, so I can go there when I get the itch to shoot at shit that is 50-300 yards away.

It should be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

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2 Responses to The New House

  1. Every home needs a library. Sounds like you have enough room for one.

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