Trying Something Different

As I noted in a post late last month, I have been in need of new work boots for a while. Usually, I’ll hit up the boot truck the first time they show up after the first of the year. FaucetCompany pays up to $75 per year towards the purchase of approved safety footwear, and the truck is set up to bill directly.

In years past, I selected the most comfortable offering that came in under $75. Invariably, I ended up with Chinese crap like the Wolverines pictured in the previous post. Within two months, the soft parts inside start to disintegrate, and by four months, I dump out lumps of plastic daily that used to be part of the support structure. They never make it a year by any reasonable measurement, but being the frugal bastard that I am, I wear them anyway.

This year, I decided to try something different. I did some research, and ordered some Thorogood boots from Amazon. They’re made out in Wisconsin, which is a plus in my book, even if they do use union labor. (Sorry, I’m not a union fan, and I’ve belonged to two or three during my career, so it is an informed opinion.)

These boots set me back just under two hundred federal reserve notes. FaucetCompany promises to reimburse me $75 of this amount, but has not yet done so. In order to save a few bucks, I selected HardHatGear as my vendor of choice. Don’t do this if you are in any kind of a hurry. I placed my order in the wee hours of a Monday morning. They just barely managed to get them to UPS that Friday evening. I did get what I ordered, delivered undamaged, though.

Initial impression is favorable. There are no glaring quality concerns. They seem true to size, although the shape of my feet make getting a truly good fit difficult, regardless of what company makes the shoe.

I’ve only worn them one shift so far. Initially, they felt tight, but I think that was mostly from being used to the worn out Wolverines. I’m only on my second shift wearing them, but so far, they are comfortable. Time will tell if they remain so, and will speak to their reliability.

It’s a full leather boot, so it doesn’t really breathe all that well, but the lining is such that my feet have stayed dry so far. The tongue could use a touch more padding, but that’s really nitpicking.

I’ll post an “aftermath” report in a year.

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