A Sad Day

It would appear that I am not on the mend health wise, despite my slight improvement a couple days ago. I think I’m going to break down and see a doctor in the morning.

FaucetCompany changed all their benefits around for 2015, including a change in the administrator of our HSA accounts. This new administrator is so good that they have lost my money between the payroll deduction and their system, and despite calling them several days ago, I still do not have access to my money. Which means that the cost for the aforementioned doctor visit will have to be paid using after tax funds, through no fault of my own.

Continuing along the “through no fault of my own” line, barring a last minute miracle, I have lost the house deal, including the thousands of dollars that I spent along the way to get this far. For reasons that I have never understood, home mortgages and real estate closings have always been a last minute business. Combine that with a bank that never met a five minute issue that couldn’t be stretched into a week, and you have a third missed closing date and a pissed off seller (rightly so) who is refusing to agree to yet another contract extension.

And I can’t get a fucking day off to self medicate.

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