2014 Tax Report

I haven’t posted the numbers for the last couple months because, well, life.  But I have still been keeping records.  The sales tax numbers may be off by as much as a percent or two, but all in all, it’s very close.  The “other” category includes everything from liquor tax to travel taxes (the largest single line item) to governmental “privilege” fees such as drivers license renewals, etc.

Gross Income: $63,823

Fed Tax: $4,926
SS Tax: $3,875
Med Tax: $906
State Tax: $2,304
Health Care: $54*
Sales Tax:$1,152
Car/Real Estate Tax:$967
Gas Tax:$360

Total Taxes:$16,752
Percentage: 26.25%

* I include this because in years past, FaucetCompany paid 100% of the premium for individual medical insurance.  During the open enrollment meetings for 2014, we were told that employer plans would be assessed certain fees mandated by zer0care. The decision was made to have employees share part of the cost of these fees. The amount listed above is my “share” of the fees.
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