A Good Day

Yesterday was B’s thirtieth birthday. For me, it started with eleven and a half hours at work – my most frustrating shift in recent memory, perhaps ever.

Things improved after I cleared FaucetCompany property, though. B was already waiting for me at home. She’d opened her cards, but at my request, she had saved the gifts until I got there. She loved what I got for her.

We headed to old downtown for lunch at a little cafe that she’d heard about. The meal was good, and the chocolate pecan pie that we shared for dessert was superb.

After lunch, we returned home, and I cleansed myself of the filth from work. When I reentered the bedroom, she was laying on the bed, facing away from the door, laying on her stomach, innocently doing something on her phone. Stark naked. I’ll leave what happened next to your imagination.

After we caught our breath and relaxed for a little while, I cut her cake (red velvet, per her request) and we each had a small slice. By this time, she had to go get the kids, and I had to get some sleep.

We’d planned to have dinner at a local steakhouse before work. But when I woke up early to get ready for dinner, I found a text saying that she was at a movie with her father, and she might be a few minutes late.

We were supposed to meet at 2045. The movie started at 1915, and had a run time of 108 minutes. Add in time for the previews before the movie itself started, and the ten minutes it takes to drive from the movie theater to the restaurant, and what do you get? An arrival time of more than “a few minutes” later than 2045. Unless forty-five is your definition of a few. Math isn’t one of her strengths.

We managed to have dinner at the Applebee’s next to the theater after the movie was over. While not the steakhouse that we’d planned, it was very good. In fact, the service was uncharacteristically good. I like to eat there as often as I can, in return for their support of veterans. Unfortunately, the service almost always sucks. Last night, though, it was as good as I’ve ever gotten anywhere.

All in all, the day was better than I had hoped, considering the short time I had available to dedicate to her.

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2 Responses to A Good Day

  1. bandit915 says:

    Today I took my Fiance to one of the local hospitals to have her Doc reset the location of her broken nose. (Another story in itself). We set out on our journey at at 11:22, got to registration 5 minutes prior to the prescribed time of 12:00. We waited 35 minutes even after being told “We’ve waiting for you.” Four hours later I’m buying a used fiberglass truck topper from the local shop and waiting for it to be installed. She’s asleep during the install. Bought some samiches, got her pain scrip filled….now i have to fix the old cap a little and install the new speakers, stereo and amp for the old truck in time for the Christmas trip to her folks.

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