That Didn’t Take Long

Alternate title: Review of the AB-2000 Burglar Bomb burglar protection device

I accidentally tripped the damn thing this morning when I came home from an early breakfast.  It took me about a second to realize what I’d done, and another second to pull the pin that holds the canister in place, allowing it to fall to the floor and stop discharging.  During those two seconds, just over half an ounce of the advertised four ounces was released, according to my kitchen scale.

I figured it wouldn’t be too bad, considering how little was released.  Fuck me!  The shit works.  I relocated to the kitchen at the opposite end of the house to allow it to dissipate.  I’d already inhaled enough for it to kick my ass, though.  I was a coughing, wheezing, sneezing, eye-watering snot factory. Some of it followed me out, but I could manage to stand in the kitchen and still breathe.  I kept trying to go back to the bedroom every few minutes, just to get driven back out.  About an hour later, my symptoms had cleared up and the residue had cleared.  I can only imagine the discomfort that would be caused by all four ounces on an unsuspecting victim.

Two thumbs WAY up!

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4 Responses to That Didn’t Take Long

  1. Odssyeus says:

    Alas yes chemical weapons are area effects, which is probably a reason to not set it when you are actually at home.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I made a late night Walmart run, and decided to set it even though I didn’t expect to be gone long. When I got back home, I walked into my bedroom without thinking, setting it off.

  2. Wraith says:

    Bet you won’t make that mistake again…! 🙂

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