New Clothes

Recently, I purchased two new items of clothing. I tend to avoid clothes shopping for as long as I can. When I do eventually buy something, it’s usually the cheapest available option for the needed article. This time was an exception.

The first item was a Soffe Men’s Long Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt.  At $7.99 each, they were on the inexpensive side, albeit slightly more than the Fruit of the Loom 50/50 blend shirts that I bought back in the summer for $5.95.  I’ve already destroyed two of those with chemicals at work, hence the new purchase. 

These shirts are reasonably heavy, and appear to be of good quality. Sizing is as expected. They are extremely comfortable, and are perfect for cooler weather. I will probably want a thinner option next summer, but with the lack of effective climate control at work, the warmth they offer this time of year is welcome. I’ve only worn and laundered them a few times, so I can’t speak to long term durability. So far, though, I’m pleased.

The second item is HEAD Men’s Power Cushion Crew Socks.  At just under $21 for six pairs, these are the most expensive socks I’ve ever bought. They are also, hands down, the best socks I’ve ever worn. They fit well, and the cushion is thick and effective. So thick, in fact, that if your shoes are snug with normal socks, you’ll probably want to go up a half size when you replace them. My worn out work boots feel brand new. As with the t-shirts, I haven’t had them long enough to rate longevity.

For now, both products get Grumpy’s seal of approval.

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