Won’t Be Doing That Again

I attended our State Fair this past Saturday, something I don’t care to repeat.

First, there was the commissioner of agriculture who ignored last year’s law change, and insisted on continuing the now illegal ban on concealed carry.

Then, there was the judge who should be impeached who ruled against an injunction that would have prohibited enforcement of this ban.

Next, there was the hour of sitting in stop and crawl traffic to get the last two miles. Just to park over a mile from the nearest gate.

Only to walk through a metal detector that could not have been operational, since it didn’t alert when I walked through. Carrying my pocketknife, a huge ring of keys, a flashlight, my smartphone, a 4-AA USB battery backup, the matching cable, and probably some other stuff I don’t remember. But the fair is safe, according to the politicians.

And there was the crowd. I swear, the entire population of the state, and the four surrounding states had to have been there. Shoulder to shoulder. Lines from hell for everything. I did enjoy a $10 turkey leg that tasted like ham, and a $4 ear of corn.

Did I mention that I was already tired as shit, since FaucetCompany had canceled physical inventory scheduled for Saturday, just so they could fuck with my plans? I’d slept less than two hours following a twelve hour shift before starting the trek.

While there, I caught the Trace Adkins concert, which was good, but not great. Then I headed out to use some of the $70 worth of ride tickets that my companion had convinced me to buy when we planned the day several weeks ago. Only to find that they’d brought in the entire state of New York (spit!) while we were in the arena.

I elbowed my way across the grounds, just to discover that the line for the fucking Ferris wheel was over a hundred people deep. No idea about the other rides. I made two groups of people very happy by giving them my ride tickets. Before I left, I suffered through the wait to get a funnel cake and some deep fried Reese’s peanut butter cups.

That was enough for me. I found my way to the gate, paid some poor rickshaw operator schmuck $25 to pedal my fat ass back to where I’d parked, and got the fuck out of there.

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4 Responses to Won’t Be Doing That Again

  1. garandgal says:

    Speaking as a resident from one of the four states surrounding you, we didn’t attend lol. Ours starts next week. It’s going.to be hell on wheels, we already have a company cookout scheduled the weekend after it ends.

  2. garandgal says:

    We never really got into the fair. It is spendy and ours is one huge gang fight waiting to happen. We tried going one year, after an hour sitting in traffic with no measurable progress the kids took a vote and decided pizza and dvds were more their style lol

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