RE/MAX and Gillette

Recently, I had the displeasure of interacting with two different Re/Max real estate agents from two different offices.

First, it is not necessary to read every word aloud on all twelve pages of a standard purchase offer contract. Especially to a client who has obviously signed many such contracts in the past and is meeting you after a twelve hour overnight shift, both facts having been made abundantly clear to you prior to the meeting. Also, acknowledging communication from a client is the polite thing to do, even when said communication is to rescind an offer. Failure to do so will ensure that the client will never call you again, even if he is interested in one of your personal listings, but will call a competitor instead.

Second, if you make an appointment to show a property to a potential client, it is advisable to actually show up for said appointment. Failure to do so, followed by failure to contact him at any point that day, or ever, guarantees that he will buy a property listed by a local agency, whose agents want his business and act accordingly.

Ah, Gillette. I like your stick antiperspirant. But I don’t like that the knob to advance the product is so slippery that is impossible to turn, even with dry hands, making it necessary to go get a fucking pair of Vice Grips in order to use the product. Consequently, I won’t be buying any more.

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