Range Trip

This morning after work, I headed to the range to give Annie a workout.  I didn’t bring the bench rest with me.  I learned lots of things, which I have listed below, in no particular order.

I can’t hold the rifle steady to save my life, even with a bipod. 36X magnification drastically exaggerates even the tiniest of movements.

The eye relief window on my scope is VERY narrow.

After working all night, I can’t close one eye without making the eyelid on the other one flutter very badly.  By the time I was able to get the eye relief right, I couldn’t keep the eye open long enough to make the shot.  An eye patch may help this. I was able to make a few shots with both eyes open, but that presented its own set of challenges.

I need a slightly shorter stock in order to be more comfortable (and probably steadier) based on where my head has to be to see through the fucking scope.

I need to learn how to use and properly adjust the cheek weld apparatus built into the stock.

It doesn’t take long to shoot up well over $100 worth of .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition. Thirty rounds will do it.  I shot thirty-five today.

Savage’s muzzle break is awesome. Perfect technique is not required.  She just don’t kick.  If I could afford to, I could easily shoot it all day long.  Standing on either side is highly inadvisable, however.

Hitting the steel plate more than slightly off center with a .338 will knock the entire target, stand, and everything sideways. Or knock it completely down. If I keep shooting steel there, they’ll probably either take it down or mount it in cement.

Despite my difficulties on paper, I was still able to ring steel at both 200 yards and 300 yards consistently, with just the bipod for stability. In other words, don’t stand downrange, because I will hit you.  I might blow your arm off, or I may hit center mass.  Either way, I will hit you.  And it will hurt.  At least briefly.

A bad day at the range is better than a good day almost anywhere else. Notable exceptions include intimacy related activities.

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2 Responses to Range Trip

  1. Larry says:

    Sorry to miss it, I could use a bad day at the range…

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