August Tax Report

Here are the numbers for August, as well as year-to-date totals.  All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar, so the numbers might not appear to add up perfectly. Sales tax numbers may be slightly off for this month, due to personal events that have precluded precise record keeping.


Gross Income: $4,434
Fed Tax: $345
SS Tax: $269
Med Tax: $63
State Tax: $184
Health Care: $4*
Sales Tax:$103
Gas Tax:$39

Total Taxes:$1,006
Percentage: 22.7%

Year to date:

Gross Income: $39,917
Fed Tax: $2,728
SS Tax: $2,419
Med Tax: $566
State Tax: $1,246
Health Care: $35*
Sales Tax:$638
Car/Real Estate Tax:$220
Gas Tax:$113

Total Taxes:$8,578
Percentage: 21.5%

* I include this because in years past, FaucetCompany paid 100% of the premium for individual medical insurance.  During the open enrollment meetings for 2014, we were told that employer plans would be assessed certain fees mandated by zer0care. The decision was made to have employees share part of the cost of these fees. The amount listed above is my “share” of the fees.
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2 Responses to August Tax Report

  1. Neal says:

    My favorite posts…anything except drama about your current and soon to be ex wife. Bitches be crazy.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Sorry for the drama posts. 🙂 I’ll try to come up with other material more often. It’s just that chasing pussy is what I do. Seldom do I catch any, thus the drama.

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