Kids These Days

I’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of days talking to the pretty, young thing that I wrote about a few posts back. I don’t know if it will go anywhere, and aside from not having gotten laid in *damn has it really been that long?*, I’m not sure I want it to. But it has made for some interesting conversations.

Yesterday morning, she complained of what felt like the initial stages of a cold. Last night, she confirmed the diagnosis. She said that she was going to stop at a convenience store and pick up some cold medicine on her way to work. Since I come in an hour later than her, I offered to pick some up for her. C-stores aren’t exactly known for having low prices, and she is supporting two kids and a perpetually unemployed boyfriend on a temp job paycheck.

She declined my offer. She instead picked up a few single dose packages. For $1.50 each. I suggested that maybe I could offer some suggestions to help her get the most out of her income.

Why do I stick my nose into other people’s business? I mean well, but it is never taken the way I intend.

omg it was $1.47 each I don’t think that’s gonna break me

Followed up with:

I should still be able to pay the bills this month but it probably did take my life savings away! lmfao

One day I’ll learn. Scratch that. No I won’t.

Karma’s a bitch, though. Not an hour later, she found out that she’s only working a total of three days this week, instead of the usual six or seven. I chose not to point out the obvious.


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