Pink Panties, The End

All of the following is alleged. I have no direct knowledge of the facts, just what I have been told.

Last Thursday, someone claimed to smell alcohol on PP’s breath, and reported him. They had him blow for alcohol, and made him piss in a cup. Then, they told him that he was suspended pending the results of the piss test, which could take up to ten days.

He had been talking about conspiracy theories and how they have been out to get him, and trying to get rid of him almost since he was hired. This latest event only served to increase his oral diarrhea ten fold. Harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, lawyer and lawsuit joined the party.

He called me every day after that, pumping me for information. Has anybody said anything about me? Can you bring my name up in conversation and see what they will say?

Of course, I always claimed that nobody mentioned him, and I never had any conversations in which I could bring up his name. Occasionally, I would feed him an obvious piece of information, but never enough for me to get involved should he decide to actually follow up with the lawyer angle.

Then, on Tuesday night, before the results ever came back, he called in and left his resignation on HR’s voicemail.

I don’t know if he knew that there was going to be something on the drug screen that he couldn’t explain away, or if he is truly so fragile emotionally that he couldn’t handle what he saw as harassment. Regardless, he made it easy for them.

He claims that he already has a deal with a lawyer, who expects FaucetCompany to settle for a year’s wages. He thinks that he will pocket about $13K after the lawyer takes his cut.

Dude seems to be friend deficient, so I imagine he’ll keep calling me for a while. But I don’t expect it to last long. I wish the boy the best, but I will be happy to be separated from his drama.

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4 Responses to Pink Panties, The End

  1. Wraith says:

    Give ’em enough rope…

  2. Neal says:

    Your posts about him were some of my favs. Hope he turns his life around.

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