Roast Rabbit

Remember this recipe?  Yesterday, I tried it with Thumper instead of a chunk of cow.  Honestly, it turned out better than I expected, but it wasn’t perfect.

Since rabbit is all white meat, and is much leaner than beef, I added the strained drippings from the last time I made the recipe with beef (about a cup and a half) to make sure there was enough liquid. That was a good idea.

I need a crock pot with more temperature settings.  Mine only has “keep warm”, “low”, and “high”.  I ran it on low, which works very well when using beef.  However, the outer layer of the rabbit, both bottom and top, toughened up to near jerky consistency.  I think that a lower setting would have had less of a drying/toughening effect on the meat. I only lost a couple ounces, and I probably could have finished drying it into jerky, but I didn’t think of that until just now.

The flavor was very good.  It is by far the best rabbit dish I’ve made to date.  It could have done with a smaller quantity of spices, since Thumper was only a little over two pounds without his bones, and I usually buy three to four pound slices of Bessie. Also, the drippings had leftover spices in them.  I probably would have been fine with two cups of water and a bullion cube or two, which is what I will try next time.  Trying it with no extra liquid would have definitely been a mistake.

All in all, the experiment was a success. I’ll keep tweaking until I get it right.  Fortunately I have several of Thumper’s relatives in the freezer.

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