I Needed That

I had this past weekend off, although I wasn’t supposed to. I knew we were running, but the boss failed to print and post a schedule, and none of the people he informed ever officially told me, so I played dumb and didn’t show up Friday night.  Boss called 17 times between 2320 and 2355.  He started calling/texting again Saturday morning around 0900, asking why I pulled a “no call, no show” and would I please call him back and let him know what was going on.  Hell, he even woke up one of the HR folks, had her pull up my emergency contact information, and called Ex-Roomie to see if she knew where I was.  Finally, I emailed him early Saturday afternoon.  Basically, I asked when the decision was made to run my machine this weekend, and why wasn’t I told.  I pointed out the lack of a posted schedule, and loudly proclaimed my ignorance.

My story: No schedule = weekend off unless otherwise notified, which I wasn’t. After work Friday morning, I showered, called family to inform them of my good fortune, and headed towards VA (where most of my family lives).  I forgot my cell phone charger, and the battery went dead – hence the inability to contact.  I was still out of town and wouldn’t be able to make it back in for Saturday night.  I expressed my belief that I should neither be in trouble nor be charged personal days since I was never informed that I was supposed to work.

Most of that was true-ish.  I did shower and call family – Ex-Roomie.  She is technically my sister-in-law, after all.  Then I headed to Ex-Roomie’s to install a memory upgrade for her laptop that she had been pestering me to do for her.  Her place of abode is north of my current hometown, and therefore “towards VA”.  I did leave my wall charger at home, but I had a cord and there is a USB port in the car, so it wasn’t necessary.  The phone battery did go dead, but only because I forgot to plug it in.  I felt it vibrate when it shut down, and plugged it in immediately, so it wasn’t dead when he made all the calls to me.  I was asleep and the ringer was off.  And, I was still at Ex-Roomie’s place when I sent the email, which is indeed out of town, just not as far away as I implied.

He admitted that he didn’t post a schedule, and although he did claim to have informed the day shift Wednesday afternoon, since the information never reached me, I would suffer no disciplinary action or be charged any personal days.  He asked that in the future, if there is no schedule posted, please contact him to confirm.

Whatever.  The dipshit never did put in my promotion paperwork despite telling me over a month ago that it was waiting for approval, and probably never would have if I hadn’t went to his boss week before last asking about it.  So, fuck him!  He stepped on his dick, and I got a weekend off out of the deal.  It was last minute, and it cost me several hundred dollars of potential earnings, but I needed the time off.

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2 Responses to I Needed That

  1. Wraith says:

    Amazing how these people try to make their fuckup your fault.

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