Cookout is a regional fast food chain known for their premium shakes, and burgers that taste a lot like those you would cook on your backyard grill. The shakes are good, and they offer plenty of flavor choices, but aren’t worth the asking price, in my opinion. The burgers are better than anything Mickey D’s has ever offered (yes, I know that is a low bar to overcome), and are priced reasonably for what you get. Neither the shakes nor the burgers prompted this post, though.

My local Cookout has advertised BLT sandwiches among their 99-cent options for as long as I can remember. Having been very disappointed in the amount of bacon that usually comes on most BLTs, coughSubwaycough I never bothered to try one until a few days ago. I mean, how much bacon could they put on a sandwich and still be able to sell it for less than a dollar? A lot, as it turns out.

Not too long ago, Nationwide (spit!) sent me a promotional flyer introducing their banking service. Included was a bribe. Yes, boys and girls, Grumpy can be bought. They offered me $200 to open an account, set up direct deposit, and keep it open for three months. The service charge is eight dollars per month, but is waived with both direct deposit and eight debit card transactions per statement period.

I would have jumped for fifty bucks, but two hundred? Hell yes! I usually make my normal purchases with a credit card that pays a percentage back in cash. So, not only do I refuse to pay the service charge, but I looked for the smallest transactions possible to meet the requirement, in order to minimize the loss of cash back from the credit card. Hence the decision to try a BLT that, at ninety-nine cents, I was convinced, had to suck.

It didn’t.  I’ve bought an even dozen in less than a week. They put roughly the same amount of bacon on a round four inch bun that the aforementioned sandwich chain puts on their foot long BLT-wannabe. The bacon is thick and crisp without being too crunchy or charred into elemental carbon. The lettuce and tomato are fresh and good quality. There is exactly the right amount of mayonnaise and pepper. The bun is basic, but good. I’d pay two fifty each without feeling ripped off.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a Cookout, and if you like bacon, try one (or three) of their BLTs. I don’t know if every location prices them at less than a dollar, but they are worth much more.

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