Two and a Half

A while back, I was bitching about not being able to find anyone to take my money in exchange for four services that I needed to have performed.  Well, that list is now a bit shorter.

I found another real estate attorney.  This one would actually talk to me, and even performed the service that I needed to have done in a timely manner.  Granted, he charged me $250, compared to the $100 that the bitch who strung me along for weeks before pulling a disappearing act quoted.  But at least the dude actually got it done.  Less than an hour after I left his office, I might add.

I also found what appears to be a reputable individual to repair the leaky portion of my improperly installed roof.  It took over a month for him to fit me into his schedule, and it isn’t the prettiest job I’ve ever seen, but it appears to be done correctly.  No leaks, for the bargain price of $450.

As luck would have it, a bordering landowner had someone come out and mark the property line on one side not long ago.  Based on where his corner mark is, I was able to make an educated guess regarding the line on the other side as well.  So, although I’d still like to have an official survey, I no longer need one.  

I’m still looking for a tree guy, though.  No biggie.  I bought a polesaw a while back, and when I get enough time off from work, I will take down all the small and medium sized stuff myself.  After I’m done, I’ll restart my search for someone to remove the hundred foot giants ten feet from the house.  My balls aren’t that big.

In other news, I only worked eight hours last night instead of twelve hours as expected.  So, I am enjoying a cold Smirnoff Ice and sharing my boring life with the internet.  Shortly, I will climb into bed with sufficient time to actually get enough sleep before having to do it all over again.

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2 Responses to Two and a Half

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    I just signed up for a new roof, Grump. $16,000.00 Canukistani. At least I won’t have to worry about it once it’s done…

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