For Your Security

We hear or see those words often these days. In most contexts, they have to do with cameras. Occasionally, they are even true.

Officer Jack Boot is less likely to beat the shit out of you if he knows that he is being recorded.

In rare cases when the camera feeds are constantly monitored by folks who are prepared and in a position to respond quickly and with extreme violence, your security is likely enhanced.

But in most cases, it is more about the illusion of security, or the protection of inventory. Sure, some misguided souls with evil intentions may be less inclined to act on those intentions where there are surveillance measures in place, but more often than not, they simply ignore the cameras. It’s not as if the cameras can actually intervene. At best, it makes the cops’ job easier. The perpetrator must still be caught. At that point, though, the crime has been committed, and the damage done.

Which brings me to the dumbassery that prompted this post.

At work, we recently added an extended vending area that uses a self-checkout system instead of machines. They proudly proclaim, “This area monitored FOR YOUR SECURITY” with a silhouette of an old style CCTV camera.

The only thing that those cameras will do is get your ass fired if you are caught five-fingering something. No security enhancement whatsoever. Kinda like the “no firearms on company property” signs that are posted everywhere.


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