Smirnoff Ice

Alternate title: Beer for Breakfast

The original Ice is acceptable, but nothing to write home about.

The Wild Grape tastes like an industrial solvent I got a little too familiar with a few years back due to a leak in a delivery system.

Green Apple has been my favorite for quite some time.

The last time I was shopping at the mart of walls, I noticed a couple new flavors of my go-to flavored malt beverage, Smirnoff Ice: Peach Bellini and Tropical Fruit.  I picked up a six-pack of each.  I started testing them shortly after I woke up.

The new-to-me Peach Bellini has a strong peach flavor. I didn’t notice the “hint of raspberry” that it is supposed to have.  It is good.  Not great for me, but good.  At 5.8%, it is also higher in alcohol percentage than the others, which are 4.5%.

The Tropical Fruit is a strong contender for my new favorite flavor.


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