Holy Shit!

When did homeowners insurance get so fucking expensive?

My house was bought by a small corporation as a rental dwelling.  I made a contract-for-deed sort of arrangement with them, and until I complete the contract, they insure the dwelling and I insure the contents under a renters policy.

In preparation for the satisfaction of said contract, I started shopping around for homeowners insurance.  With a calculated reconstruction cost of right at $110K, they want nine hundred fucking dollars for a one year policy.  In 2008, I had a home with twice the square footage and a $135K reconstruction cost two counties away, and I was only paying $384 per year.  If the new place was on the coast, or in tornado alley, I could understand, but two and a half times the cost for a twenty percent lower insured value on a home that is also in central Carolina?

Fuck ’em.  I will find somebody to take out the trees so that risk goes away.  As for the rest, I’ll take my chances.  The electric is new, and done right – I sized everything and ran it all myself.  So barring the failure of a breaker and a load, there is no significant fire risk there.  There are no natural gas, propane, heating oil, wood, or similarly fueled appliances on site.  If God decides to smite me, I’m fucked anyway, so I’m not going to worry about that.

Thieves and vandals beware, I am self-insured.

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