Why the Economy Sucks

Has everyone gone Galt? I see no other explanation.

I need a tree guy. One guy gave me an estimate, but pulled a no-show after that. Three times. One other guy showed up but lacked the necessary equipment. Nobody else will answer their phone or respond to emails.

I need a surveyor. Only one answered his phone, but he never showed up.

I needed a lawn guy. I could only get one to answer, and he dropped off the face of the earth when I accepted his estimate and asked him to do the work.

I need a real estate attorney. One supposedly prepared the document that I need, but when it came time to execute said document, she promptly began to ignore me. The second one has yet to call me back.

I need a roof guy. Only one had someone answering the phone. According to the person who took my call, he is very busy, but she would pass along my information, and promised that someone would call me back. That was weeks ago.

So, I currently have need for four different professionals, and recently needed a fifth. Yet, to save my life, I can’t hire anyone. Those few who claim to do the work are either too lazy or too busy to help me, and nobody else seems interested in filling the void.

I can’t be the only person who is unable to find and hire people.


General laziness?

A genuine lack of service providers?

The consequence of overbearing government requirements and regulations?

Laziness or lack of motivation on the part of potential new entrepreneurs?

Is it me, personally, – am I am on a blacklist somewhere?

Which is it?

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2 Responses to Why the Economy Sucks

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    What an interesting comment and a fine discussion.

    Galt? Yeah, maybe a bit. I myself am a bit of a shit house objectivist and I think I know exactly who John Galt is. Call it a bad work ethic, or laziness, or whatever – but I have been screwed over often enough that unless it’s worth my while to work harder, or smarter, or more efficiently – forget it. A little free over time is expected by the company? Fuck you, you don’t work for free and neither do I! I am not this way with my current employer…but they treat me very, very well so I try to reciprocate. They will pay me for my time and appreciate extra effort so I do my best to help them as best I can.

    The other thing I see going on is that our young kids definitely DO have a bad work ethic. We can’t even get them to show up regularly here and are hiring older and semi-retired workers rather than the youngsters. They just aren’t growing up, and if they get canned or punted they just move into mom and dad’s basement and think nothing of it.

    All this serves to create a hellish workload on those that actually do the work. Nobody wants to deal with the growing legions of pikers, BS artists and hacks – while those of us that make commitments and stand by them – get swamped.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Your explanation makes sense. I see it where I work, too. We can’t seem to get a significant number to show up when they are supposed to, and too many who do show up will fuck off instead of work.

      But the products and services are still needed. Is there no one willing and able to provide them? Everyone wants the best price possible, but I would happily pay even slightly above market price because I need the work done. As it is, quality work seems unavailable at any price.

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