Private Reserve Ink

Don’t use it. I tried it in my Lamy Safari, and it skipped badly. On the last refill for my Pilot 78G, I decided to give it a go. Some pens simply don’t like certain inks, and I gave the PR ink the benefit of the doubt.

It turned a beautiful writing instrument into a leaky pig. Most of the tip was black from the ink, instead of the normal small amount along the split. Because that obviously wasn’t enough, it also decided to pool around the lip at the bottom of the barrel, turning my finger black every time I tried to use it.

Aurora ink, as well as the sample cartridges that came with the Pilot work perfectly. I think I will stick with what I know works.

If anyone has a use for it, I will happily mail you my ~90% bottle of Private Reserve fast dry ultra black ink for the cost of shipping. If there are no takers within a week, it goes into the trash.

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