Not long after I woke up, I decided to char a couple slices of cow that had been hanging out in my refrigerator for a while.  My last two attempts (the only two at the new house, although the grill came with me from the old place) were pitiful failures.  The first was barely edible, and the second was only passable at best.

These two were the same ribeye cut that I always buy, from the same supplier.  But this time, they turned out very good.  Melt in your mouth good.  It’s Dear Niece’s fault.  I couldn’t make a good steak while she was here to save my life.  She goes home, and I’m right back at the top of my game.

I had big plans for the night.  A full belly tends to lower my motivation level.  I will get some things marked off of the to-do list tonight, but probably not as many as I would have liked.  The fact that this is my first day off in thirteen days is another contributing factor to my not wanting to do a damn thing.

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