That Was Unpleasant

I spent almost three hours after work this morning in the crawl space underneath of my house.  No, nothing needed repair.  Thank God!

I was routing, insulating and securing the refrigerant lines for my heat pump, and securing the previously run electrical lines running from the outdoor unit to the indoor units.  At least it is done now.  I will have to go back under there at some point to run the drain lines, but I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to do that yet.

I HATE working in the crawl space!

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2 Responses to That Was Unpleasant

  1. Craig says:

    I can relate. To get around in my crawl space, (8’x8′ approx), I have to crawl over ancient plumbing. Contortionist description fits here. Once positioned I can sit up. Sucks though. Spiders, cobwebs, unknowns, not to mention probably 60+ years of dust laced with god knows how much mouse shit. I wear a face mask when down there.
    The crawl space is small because it’s phase 2 of a phase 3 house. The oldest part of the house is on a rock foundation with cellar. Third part of the house is on piers and the only way to get around under there is on my back with shreds of fiberglass insulation hanging down. Since there’s no wiring, ducting and only minimal plumbing at the edge I don’t intend ever going under there either. Ha.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Compared to that, mine is easy. I have all the creepy/crawlies, webs and mouse shit, but nothing to crawl over. Everything is secured to the floor joists, and most of the old insulation and such that was hanging down has been pulled out. Being on an incline, I can almost stand up between joists at the very bottom if I don’t mind sticking my head into cobwebs and old insulation bits, but have to low-crawl at the uphill end.

      Except for the hot water heater and the main supply inlet, I moved all the plumbing into the attic when I re-plumbed, so that is not an issue. The old oil furnace and associated ductwork are gone. Electrical is also in the attic except for the HWH and the HVAC control wires.

      It’s just the sharp rocks on the knees, the damp dirt that is almost mud but not quite, having to duck walk or crawl most of it, and the fucking bugs/spiders. I hate spiders! I’ve shot spiders in the past.

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