Fuck North Carolina

North Carolina General Statute § 14-415.11(d) states:

A person who is issued a (concealed handgun) permit shall notify the sheriff
who issued the permit of any change in the person’s permanent address within 30 days after the change of address. 

Note the lack of the phrase “in person” or “notarized statement” in the above law.

A couple weeks ago, after I made my move official by changing my address with the DMV, I wrote, signed, and mailed a certified letter to the sheriff’s office for the county where I used to live. In this letter, I referenced the applicable statute, provided both my old and new addresses, and included copies of my permit and updated drivers license.

Several days after the post office reported the delivery of this letter, ex-Roomie got a call from an admin type from the SO. She was asked to inform me that I am required to appear in person in order to change my address. Said message was dutifully relayed.

I’ve heard that other counties have the same rule. Since there is no statutory requirement that I can find, and no logic that makes any sense to me to require someone to return to their former county after they have moved just to update an address, I will not comply. It is both inconvenient and unnecessary.

My permit expires in July, so it is time for me to submit the renewal paperwork. I will be doing that with the Sheriff of my new county soon. If asked, I will truthfully tell them that I updated my address with the other Sheriff. I won’t be able to provide the letter that is usually given to permit holders, since old sheriff refused to accept my notification. If they require it, I will simply walk away.

I don’t give a shit. The NC permit exempts me from NICS checks and the need for a pistol purchase permit. (Yes, we still have those – the powers that be have to have a way to stop them uppity niggers from getting armed.) But that really isn’t an issue for me. There are currently no guns on my shopping list. Sure, there are plenty that I’d like to have, but none that I expect to get any time soon. And my Florida nonresident permit is valid until October of next year, and is recognized by NC.

So, fuck you, and your overreaching requirements. I’ll give my money to Florida instead.

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