Unable to Grok

As you know, I like to read. While I enjoy many genres, most of my favorites tend to have fantasy or sci-fi elements. I’m usually good with magic, futuristic technology, and creatures of legend. I also particularly like what are known as post-apocalyptic thrillers.

I figured that Larry Correia’s latest book bomb, Awake in the Night Land, by John C. Wright, would be a good fit.  It is set twenty-some million years in the future, and came across as an end of the world collection of tales. In a way, it is, but not how I had imagined.

Earth isn’t even vaguely similar to the one we know. Nonhuman things, whether real creatures, ethereal beings, or something else, are commonplace. I can’t wrap my mind around any of them. Numerous locations and historical events are cited, but the names and the occasional brief description are little help in understanding anything about the place or event. The writing in general is harder for me to follow than the writings of 19th century authors like Dickens or Austen.

I’ve made it through the first story, and continue to slog along.  It doesn’t suck, it’s just hard to follow.  I guess I just don’t have the necessary imagination to understand and appreciate a universe so foreign to my own. At least not the first time through.

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