Nobody Wants My Money

I keep trying to give people my hard-earned money, but nobody will take it. At least, nobody seems willing to do work that I need done in exchange for my money.

I have contacted four different tree companies. One didn’t have the equipment necessary to remove trees so close to buildings and power lines.   Another pulled a no-show. The other two, one of which was one of the sponsored results from a google search, have ignored my requests for estimates.

I need the trees gone so I can put in a storage shed without having to worry about it getting damaged.  I also need them gone if I am going to plant anything in the way of a garden this year, which already seems very unlikely.

The surveyor that I called to come out and mark the corners of my lot promised to do so within a week. Four weeks ago. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.

I need the survey so I will know for sure that all the trees I want removed actually originate on my property.  And so I will know where to put the storage shed and the fence.

I reckon I’m just out of luck.

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