Range Trip AAR

Saturday morning, Shooting Buddy and I met up for some much needed and long overdue recoil therapy. Short version: I suck.

We spent the first half of the day on the rifle range, zeroing SB’s new Mossberg 30-06. That went mostly well, except for some minor rest issues. And one glaring flaw in the design of the rifle itself. The rear sling mounting point is was molded into the stock. Yeah, it pulled out, and we aren’t sure when it happened. Plus we got our exercise for the day, walking to and from the target. You know, because dickhead screwed up my telescope delivery.

Then we moved on to the pistol range. SB played with his europellet Glock, and I broke out the HiPoint 45 first. Out of three magazines, I had five FTF due to light primer strikes. These malfunctions also exposed an extreme tendency to flinch.

I switched over to my Glock 21 and proceeded to knock down three of the five steel plates at the back of the range – roughly twenty yards, and about 8″ plate size. It only took two full 13-round mags.

Out of frustration, I pulled the KelTec out of my back pocket and knocked down the last two plates with two shots. Later in the day, I finished that one magazine, but those two shots told me everything I needed to know about that gun.

A few 5-round (loaded light to practice draw and reload) magazines later with the 21, I had mostly overcome my flinch and was knocking down the plates with near-boring regularity.

By the time we left, I had learned quite a bit:

I need to work on my technique when it comes to how to position my support hand when shooting with my weak hand.

Slide bite really fucking hurts, and can easily draw enough blood to prematurely end one’s day of shooting.

I am very happy with my decision to start carrying a basic first aid kit in my car.

The little Keltec is pretty awesome, despite its diminutive caliber. Apparently, the only way to make it malfunction is to block the slide while it is attempting to cycle. See above.

It seems that my HiPoint is only going to be reliable if it and its magazines are stored empty and with no springs under tension. Last year when I last took it out, it performed well. Since then, it was stored fully loaded, but untouched. The only thing I can figure is that the firing pin spring weakened while compressed. This may be acceptable expected after a decade or two under wildly varying environmental conditions, but not in six months of sitting on the night stand.

I flinch badly after just a few months of no range time. I really need to work on eliminating significant delays between practice sessions.

Although I am not willing to admit to any deficiency regarding my Serpa holsters, I have developed quite a fondness for the Safariland 6377. It provides a quick, clean draw, and the release is smooth and natural.

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2 Responses to Range Trip AAR

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    Gonna let you in on a trade secret, Grump. Of course part of your problem is trigger time but your main problem is that you are doing a good job of keeping the boss at work and the boss at home happy! That’s fuggin stupid! I have found that by making myself a great, big incompetent nuisance, they are only too happy to get rid of me by any means possible. As a result I get lots of range time and it’s a win for everyone!

    • alaskan454 says:

      I kinda still need the paycheck, so I’m not too sure how good of an idea that would be.

      Oh, and for the record, I am the boss at home. Dear Niece is still in residence, but she doesn’t have boss authority.

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